Nuxame Training Services & Commercial Representations LTDA (NUXAME INC) is a company based in Balneário Camboriú, the heart of the beautiful southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

With a collective 50 years experience, we provide Training Services in different areas, as well as Commercial Representation Services, mostly in Education and Entertainment for our Partners in South America, as well as other countries.


Education & Entertainment Are Both Essential Aspects For Us Humans To Grow Internally.

We, at Nuxame Inc, Are in the Creative Process and Massive Distribution of These Essential Aspects.


The Importance of of content delivery and online reach is today a clear reality.

Our Content Delivery System work successfully across multiple Online “Distribution” Channels, reaching massive audiences directly to their own preferred device: Smartphones, Desk/Laptop, Smart TVs etc.

To do this, we are in charge of Designing, Building, Deploying and Positioning these Online Distribution Channels for our Partners and Our Own Online Assets, completing the “Circle”, by providing a Complete Commercial End to End Solution.

You can Contact Us to find out more about how we do what we do, and how you could benefit from our experience and expertise in Online Commercial Distribution.

Thank You.